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June 15 2017

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third base is when he sees u cry for the first time

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I hope the next thing I get addicted to is taking care of my self and loving my body

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Personal blog xx

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377. Mater Dolorosa - Bode Museum, Berlin - Germany

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Barbara Kruger (b. 1945), Untitled (Can Money Buy You Love?), 2011. Archival pigment print, in artist’s chosen frame.


Lets talk about how hard it is to open up to someone about being sad for no reason. Lets talk about how hard it is to explain to your friends and family that you have this heavy feeling in your chest for no reason. Lets talk about how hard it is to understand why you’re having a panic attack while just taking a walk back home. Lets talk about how hard it is to understand your own self and how scary it is to feel like the whole world is falling on your shoulders and you have no idea why .

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June 14 2017

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